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As a Poet of Stone, I am fully invested in the arts. I make granite and marble low-relief carvings. My most expressive pieces are my trees, which grow out of the experience of carving them. I am also a 3 dimensional stone carver, using soapstone, marble, limestone, etc.

Scenery, architectural imagery, wildlife, portraits of people and animals. Sculptures rich with Judaic and New Testament symbolism. Commissions expressing all religions and mythologies in my medium, as well as corporate logos, from wall-sized murals to signed numbered series of smaller pieces. My newer Celtic and Esoteric pieces were welcomed in Boston and Washington D.C. and I am invigorated at finding this very stimulating avenue which mirrors my spiritual seeking! As I move into my new life in the Ontario, I am looking forward to further exploring the land, and the flora and fauna around me, the wonderful skies, and the people at their activities that connect us all to each-other over the four seasons.

Favorite materials: Granite, Marble, Soapstone; Belgian Linen, Oil Paint, Watercolor, Acrylic, Color Pencils, Gel pens, Photography, Words.

I have exhibited in juried art shows in the U.S.A., i.e. the Mid-West, the East Coast down to Florida. I have won many awards at these shows and worked with promoters such as Amy Amdur Productions, Sugarloaf Art Festivals, and One-of-a-Kind., Castleberry, and it goes on. I won the Purchase award for the Mayor’s office, permanently installed in the Buffalo Grove Town Hall. Best Sculpture award in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Many ribbons won over the years!

Commissioned by corporations, government bodies, and organizations over 21 years. I created mural sized pieces for McDonalds’ head offices in Russia and China. Celebrated the Blue Jays World series win with a 5 footer. I carved pieces for World Leaders at the G7 Summit in Halifax commissioned by Jean Chrétien. When Ernst and Young merged two companies, I created 2,300 minis for their event. Professional with deadlines, and logistics. More recently I have designed pieces for churches and synagogues, (Ottawa J.C.C., Cincinnati, Boston, and Washington D.C., and a McDonald Family House in Pittsburg, Nissan, Pajar, and many other business establishments creating large numbered series and mural pieces for their homes and workplaces. The city of Sainte Agathe des Mont commissioned their Town logo in Black Granite this summer.

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